Interface CameraRecordingOptions

Describes options passed to the RecordingManagement.


  • CameraRecordingOptions


List of supported media MediaContainerConfigurations (or a single one).

overrideEventTriggerOptions?: EventTriggerOption[]

This property can be used to override the automatic heuristic of the CameraController which derives the EventTriggerOptions from application state.

EventTriggerOptions are derived automatically as follows:

Note: This property is ADDITIVE. Meaning if the CameraController decides to add a certain EventTriggerOption it will still do so. This option can only be used to add additional EventTriggerOptions!

prebufferLength: number

The size of the prebuffer in milliseconds. It must be at least 4000 ms. A sensible value for this property is in the interval [4000, 8000].

In order to provide some context to recording event, it is a good user experience to also have the recording of a few seconds before the event occurs. This exactly is the prebuffer. A camera will constantly store the last x seconds (the prebufferLength) to provide more context to a given event.