Class DoorbellController

The DoorbellController to efficiently manage doorbell implementations with HAP-NodeJS.

NOTICE: We subclass from the CameraController here and deliberately do not introduce/set an own/custom ControllerType for Doorbells, as Cameras and Doorbells are pretty much the same thing and would collide otherwise. As the possibility exists, both the CameraController and DoorbellController are written to support migration from one to another. Meaning a serialized CameraController can be initialized as a DoorbellController (on startup in initWithServices) and vice versa.




motionService?: MotionSensor
occupancyService?: OccupancySensor
recordingManagement?: RecordingManagement

The RecordingManagement which is responsible for handling HomeKit Secure Video. This property is only present if recording was configured.


  • Call this method if you want to forcefully suspend an ongoing streaming session. This would be adequate if the rtp server or media encoding encountered an unexpected error.


    • sessionId: string

      id of the current ongoing streaming session

    Returns void