Interface RecordingManagementState


  • RecordingManagementState


configurationHash: {
    algorithm: "sha256";
    hash: string;

This property stores a hash of the supported configurations (recording, video and audio) of the recording management. We use this to determine if the configuration was changed by the user. If it was changed, we need to discard the selectedConfiguration to signify to HomeKit Controllers that they might reconsider their decision based on the updated configuration.

Type declaration

  • algorithm: "sha256"
  • hash: string
eventSnapshotsActive: boolean

Service CameraOperatingMode; Characteristic EventSnapshotsActive

homeKitCameraActive: boolean

Service CameraOperatingMode; Characteristic HomeKitCameraActive

periodicSnapshotsActive: boolean

Service CameraOperatingMode; Characteristic PeriodicSnapshotsActive

recordingActive: boolean

Service CameraRecordingManagement; Characteristic Active

recordingAudioActive: boolean

Service CameraRecordingManagement; Characteristic RecordingAudioActive

selectedConfiguration?: string

The base64 encoded tlv of the CameraRecordingConfiguration. This value MIGHT be undefined if no HomeKit controller has yet selected a configuration.