Interface CameraRecordingConfiguration

This type describes the SelectedCameraRecordingConfiguration (written by the device to SelectedCameraRecordingConfiguration).


  • CameraRecordingConfiguration


audioCodec: AudioRecordingCodec & {
    bitrate: number;
    samplerate: AudioRecordingSamplerate;

The selected audio codec configuration.

eventTriggerTypes: EventTriggerOption[]

List of the enabled EventTriggerOptions.

mediaContainerConfiguration: MediaContainerConfiguration
prebufferLength: number

The size of the prebuffer in milliseconds. This value is less or equal of the value advertised in the SupportedCameraRecordingConfiguration.

videoCodec: {
    parameters: SelectedH264CodecParameters;
    resolution: Resolution;
    type: H264;

The selected video codec configuration.

Type declaration