Enumeration AccessoryEventTypesConst

Enumeration Members

ADVERTISED: "advertised"

This event is emitted once the mDNS suite has fully advertised the presence of the accessory. This event is guaranteed to be called after LISTENING.

CHARACTERISTIC_WARNING: "characteristic-warning"
IDENTIFY: "identify"

Emitted when an iOS device wishes for this Accessory to identify itself. If paired is false, then this device is currently browsing for Accessories in the system-provided "Add Accessory" screen. If paired is true, then this is a device that has already paired with us. Note that if paired is true, listening for this event is a shortcut for the underlying mechanism of setting the Identify Characteristic: getService(Service.AccessoryInformation).getCharacteristic(Characteristic.Identify).on('set', ...) You must call the callback for identification to be successful.

LISTENING: "listening"

This event is emitted once the HAP TCP socket is bound. At this point the mdns advertisement isn't yet available. Use the ADVERTISED if you require the accessory to be discoverable.

PAIRED: "paired"
SERVICE_CHARACTERISTIC_CHANGE: "service-characteristic-change"

Emitted after a change in the value of one of the provided Service's Characteristics.

SERVICE_CONFIGURATION_CHANGE: "service-configurationChange"
UNPAIRED: "unpaired"