Class HAPServer

The actual HAP server that iOS devices talk to.


It turns out that the IP-based version of HomeKit's HAP protocol operates over a sort of pseudo-HTTP. Accessories are meant to host a TCP socket server that initially behaves exactly as an HTTP/1.1 server. So iOS devices will open up a long-lived connection to this server and begin issuing HTTP requests. So far, this conforms with HTTP/1.1 Keepalive. However, after the "pairing" process is complete, the connection is expected to be "upgraded" to support full-packet encryption of both HTTP headers and data. This encryption is NOT SSL. It is a customized ChaCha20+Poly1305 encryption layer.

Additionally, this "HTTP Server" supports sending "event" responses at any time without warning. The iOS device simply keeps the connection open after it's finished with HTTP request/response traffic, and while the connection is open, the server can elect to issue "EVENT/1.0 200 OK" HTTP-style responses. These are typically sent to inform the iOS device of a characteristic change for the accessory (like "Door was Unlocked").

See EventedHTTPServer for more detail on the implementation of this protocol.


  • EventEmitter
    • HAPServer



allowInsecureRequest: boolean


  • Parameters

    • port: number = 0
    • Optional host: string

    Returns void

  • Send an even notification for given characteristic and changed value to all connected clients. If originator is specified, the given HAPConnection will be excluded from the broadcast.


    • aid: number

      The accessory id of the updated characteristic.

    • iid: number

      The instance id of the updated characteristic.

    • value: Nullable<CharacteristicValue>

      The newly set value of the characteristic.

    • Optional originator: HAPConnection

      If specified, the connection will not get an event message.

    • Optional immediateDelivery: boolean

      The HAP spec requires some characteristics to be delivery immediately. Namely, for the ButtonEvent and the ProgrammableSwitchEvent characteristics.

    Returns void